Responsive AngularJS Templates

Google Engineers developed a powerful JavaScript software application called AngularJS. It is capable of integrating components and libraries with full-stack. Web application users are increasing day by day. Marketers usually prefer the web to communicate with visitors through the chatbox. They also fill out application forms online. Groom yourself and become an Angular developer through AngularJS Training in Chennai. Enrich your skills with the latest tech innovations.

ArchitectUI Angular 7

Build your applications with amazing features. The web application runs on a web browser. It includes online retail sales, webmail and much more. ArchitectUI Angular 7 helps to resolve all your issues. It also contains 70 handpicked Angular components and widgets which are integrated to build common design language.

ArchitectUI Angular 7 is easy to integrate and modify the applications. Angular frameworks evolves @angular/material and @ng-bootstrap. Architect Angular 7 not only contains plugin, it also has bootstrap elements. Know everything about web application in Angular 7 Training in Bangalore. With expert guidance, and you will become an expert in web development.

Mega Able

Mega Able helps to develop mega things as per the customer requirement. It is Angular 5 admin and Bootstrap Framework 4 template that practices all the web trends.


Monarch is an admin based dashboard template that has outstanding modules, widgets and unmatched flexibility. This is the only admin template which helps for continuous development. It also helps to build modern and accessible user interfaces.


Gradus is a compatible website template, it has lots of functionalities and features. Gradus have six different color schemes and eight layouts. This template uses AOT compilation, nested routing, lazy loading, and dynamic menu.


sQuare is an Angular 5 and Bootstrap 4 template which helps to build high-end dashboards. With sQuare support, a user can sort all projects and web applications in an easy way. Track everything in a secured way.


Bind is flexible and responsive for Bootstrap 4 admin template + Angular 4 + HTML versions. It is used for all types of web applications like admin dashboard, admin panel, app backend, project management system, CRM or CMS and much more.


Slim is fully responsive. Looks good on a tablet, phone and desktop. This helps to build a template with Bootstrap and AngularJS. A user can modify data using Sass, it also has powerful layouts with a boxed and wide layout. This template has 20 predefined color schemes. Know more about AngularJS templates via Angular 6 Training in Chennai.


Oreo Admin is a premium dashboard theme. It is built by popular website Twitter Bootstrap 4 framework. This template has lots of features:

  • Light & Dark Sidebar Version,
  • 120+ useful HTML pages,
  • 2000+ Font Icons,
  • 200+ UI components
  • Dashboard and much more


Silk is an Angular 5 admin template which helps for page designs. It provides language translation, color schemes, reusable widgets and UI elements. Build your very first web application by Angular 5 Training in Bangalore.

Why to prefer AngularJS?

AngularJS is a general framework built for Create Read Update and Delete (CRUD) applications. Angular helps to build mobile and web applications with amazing features.


AngularJS is a strong JavaScript framework with limitless innovations. Here I have listed some templates that help to build an awesome web application. Kickstart your career in Angular field through Angular Training in Chennai.

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