Simple Steps to Improve the OET Reading Score

Simple Steps to Improve the OET Reading Score

What is OET?

The OET is based on over 30 years of research and practice and is specifically designed to assess the English language skills of international healthcare professionals seeking to work in an English-speaking environment. FITA Academy is the best OET Coaching Centre in Chennai to learn more about OET.

It consists of four papers: listening and reading cover a wide range of general healthcare topics while speaking and writing test the specific language used by 12 healthcare professionals. Here, we will discuss the top tips for OET preparation.

Simple Steps to Improve the OET Reading Score:

Develop Your Skills:

Reading at the level required for OET Grade B is developed through regular and extensive reading. It is acquainted with multiple languages and text types, not just those found in test preparation materials. You can broaden your reading while also following up on your professional interests. Consider texts aimed at the intelligent general-interest reader and the specialist texts you read at work and when studying.

Current affairs websites, as well as science and health magazines, are excellent sources. These will provide valuable practice in identifying and following a writer’s line of argument and attitude, a distinct skill from identifying factual content. Focusing on paragraphs or short sections can help you improve your reading skills.

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Use the Right Skills:

Part A is about gathering information from various texts, so be prepared to “jump” from one text to another. The faster you can find the section of text you need, the more time you have to ensure you understand it correctly. Many candidates find it helpful to read the questions first to determine what information they need to gather and in what order; this can save a significant amount of time.

Part B focuses on comprehending a brief workplace text’s gist. You must select the best option from the three that best represents the text’s content. Because all the answer options may be mentioned, it is critical to determine which is completely covered. Each question includes a context statement that may include the type of text you must read.

Part C is concerned with comprehending how meaning is developed into a line of argument or information in longer texts. You must use inference skills to understand the writer’s attitude or opinion at various points in the text. You will also demonstrate your comprehension of textual references and features.

Check Your Work:

Although it is critical to respond quickly to each question, it is also critical to take a few moments to double-check your answers. Make sure you have exactly copied the spelling of the answer word(s) from the text in Part A. Parts B and C require you to locate evidence that proves your answer is correct and why the other options are incorrect.


Now you would have understood the Simple Steps to Improve the OET Reading Score. So, to have a comprehensive understanding of OET, you can join OET Classes in Chennai and equip yourself with its functions, benefits, and features.

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